Is an Annuity a Good Investment?

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Pop quiz. What springs to mind when you think of investing?

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You most likely envision Wall Street and the frantic tempo of the New York Stock Exchange flooring. There are a few of you who might visualize Fortune 500 ticker symbols. You might additionally consider the much less thrilling pie chart in your annual mutual fund report when you’re not a lot of a threat taker.

But, have you ever ever considered annuities? Probably not. Financially talking, annuities will not be thought of investments. Instead, annuities are insurance coverage merchandise that assure income at retirement.

However, this doesn’t imply you shouldn’t put money into annuities. And, on the flip facet, it doesn’t imply you must both.

I do know. That sounds contradictory. However, your private funding targets will decide whether or not or not an annuity is a good funding for you. It’s additionally necessary to contemplate your age, time horizon for investing, threat tolerance, and life-style when figuring out your funding targets.

However, when you’re not sure whether or not annuities make sense for you, the next information might assist.

What is an Annuity?

Annuities are complicated to a lot of individuals. In reality, solely 25% of shoppers handed an annuity information take a look at (70%) in line with a study by Secure Retirement Institute (SRI).

Due to this confusion surrounding annuities, it may be troublesome to determine if they’re a good funding and value including to your retirement portfolio. But allow us to simplify it for you.

What precisely are annuities?

Annuities are merely contracts between a individual and an insurance coverage firm. Annuities are finest identified for shielding principals, offering lifetime earnings, and planning for long-term care wants.

You would possibly see annuities marketed as investments whenever you’re searching for them. In retirement, this funding is aimed toward producing earnings for you. It’s necessary to keep in mind that that is a contract, not a retirement plan.

In the occasion of a breach of a contract, count on hefty penalties. Consequently, annuities will not be as accessible as financial savings accounts.

How are annuities investments?

During retirement, annuities can present earnings and progress which can be tax-deferred. Annuities will be categorized into two varieties: fixed annuities and variable annuities. Variable annuities are based mostly on the efficiency of a market index, such because the S&P 500, whereas fastened annuities pay a assured fee of return.

The use of annuities as a retirement earnings complement is turning into increasingly fashionable. This is principally because of the truth that pensions have gotten extinct just like the Dodo. In reality, solely 15% of employees within the personal sector have entry to at least one, in line with the March 2021 National Compensation Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

However, those that have invested closely in shares or bonds might discover annuities significantly helpful. Why? Annuities present a supply of earnings unbiased of market fluctuations.

Annuities are available in many types, however a fastened index annuity is among the many hottest. As properly as offering tax-deferred progress, these annuities shield you from draw back threat. In this regard, fastened index annuities will be an efficient retirement planning software.

As an instance, you’ll earn 3% curiosity on each greenback you place into your Due annuity plan. And, that’s assured.

How does an annuity work?

An annuity is an association by which the proprietor of the coverage transfers the danger to an insurance coverage/annuity firm. Through the premiums it prices, the corporate provides the annuity assumes the danger for the proprietor. Annuities can have a single fee or a number of funds, relying on the sort. Premiums are paid through the accumulation section.

As against different forms of insurance coverage, annuities don’t require steady premium funds. As time goes on, you’ll now not must make annuity funds and can start receiving funds as a substitute. This is when the payout section of your contract begins.

There are a variety of methods by which annuities will be paid. You can design an annuity to offer you funds all through your lifetime or the lifetimes of your heirs. You also can mix a lifetime earnings stream with a assured payout over a specified interval.

How does a “life with a sure interval” annuity work? It guarantees lifetime earnings. But, your beneficiary will obtain the remaining worth of the account when you die inside a particular timeframe.

It is frequent for annuities to be paid over an prolonged time frame. Like Social Security, they’re additionally based mostly on life expectancy. As a consequence, when you start receiving earnings a lot earlier in life or if the time period is longer, you must anticipate smaller funds.

Annuities will be paid month-to-month, quarterly, yearly, and even as a lump sum. Furthermore, they are often begun instantly or deferred for a very long time.

The various kinds of annuities.

We briefly touched on fastened and variable annuities. But, there are literally 5 forms of annuities that you would be able to select from. It’s like ordering a taco. Although just about the identical, you’ve got the selection between beef, rooster, pork, fish, shrimp, or beans. And, every protein barely modifies your meal.

Fixed annuities.

Throughout the time period of the contract, homeowners of annuities obtain a fastened rate of interest. With Due, as an illustration, you’ll obtain 3% on all deposits. So, it’s much like a certificates of deposit. It is a protected and predictable choice, even when market efficiency is nice.

Variable annuities.

The returns on a variable annuity differ from these on a fastened annuity since they’re linked with the inventory market. In different phrases, its efficiency determines how a lot it should achieve or lose, making it a much less predictable and riskier choice.

Fixed listed annuities.

An annuity of this sort combines some great benefits of each a variable annuity and a fastened annuity. It offers traders with a minimal assured fee of return, equally to a fastened annuity. However, it additionally tracks an underlying index (e.g. the S&P 500). Therefore, rising inventory markets can lead to greater good points. You ought to all the time learn the positive print, as there are caps, spreads, and participation charges that may affect the upside.

Immediate annuities.

Basically, you pay a lump sum to the insurance coverage firm and begin receiving earnings funds immediately. After the fee has been made, funds are normally made inside 30 days. Lifetime funds can be found in some immediate annuities, whereas fastened funds can be found in others. In normal, rates of interest have an effect on annuity earnings, which is able to affect payouts.

Deferred annuities.

In this case, there’s additionally an upfront fee concerned. Annuity funds will, nonetheless, be issued later. Since deferred annuities have extra time to develop, they could supply greater payouts than instant annuities. In trade, early withdrawals are troublesome.

How Do Annuities Benefit Investors?

A key good thing about investing in annuities is that they supply common earnings earlier than or throughout retirement. Moreover, your contributions are tax-deferred. Annuities are additionally exempt from a contribution restrict or required minimum distribution (RMD).

There are a number of further advantages, together with:

Guaranteed earnings supply.

Having a assured earnings supply reduces the concern that retirees and pre-retirees will lose retirement financial savings in a downturn or outlive them. You fund the account with an annuity and usually earn a predetermined quantity of curiosity, no matter market situations. With variable annuities, this may be completely different as they’re uncovered to the market.

Premium safety.

In my opinion, this can’t be emphasised sufficient. An insurance coverage firm ensures a minimal rate of interest and principal in a fastened annuity. Therefore, the worth of your fastened annuity is not going to lower so long as the insurance coverage firm is financially sound.

Tax benefits.

Contributions to an annuity are tax deductible as properly. It has no contribution restrict, not like IRAs and 401(k)s, which do have a restrict on how a lot you’ll be able to contribute yearly. In the occasion that you’ve maxed out your different retirement accounts, annuities could also be a good choice for tax-deferred financial savings.

The proper annuity might help you hedge in opposition to inflation.

Variable annuities are higher suited to inflation hedges than fastened annuities. When used correctly, variable annuities can assure you preserve your buying energy all through retirement when you enhance your periodic funds by a minimum of the price of inflation based mostly in your funding selections.

Long-term care. Many retirees overlook this pricey expense.

But, it’s potential to insure in opposition to a few of these prices with an annuity.

No RMDs.

Traditionally, withdrawals from retirement accounts have to be made by the age of seven ½. In distinction, retirement annuities don’t carry that stipulation, so the funds might develop till wanted.


Through what’s referred to as a 1035 exchange, you’ll be able to switch cash from one annuity to a different, even when they’re with completely different corporations. Taxes will not be utilized to your annuity earnings when utilizing this methodology. It’s additionally potential to carry an annuity in a retirement plan, comparable to a 401(ok) or IRA, or exterior of 1.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Annuities?

Yes. There are dangers related to annuities, simply as with every funding. As such, even though annuities promise retirees a regular earnings, in addition they include some sacrifices.

Annuities are complicated.

The complexity of some annuities makes them obscure with out skilled help. In reality, the construction of an annuity is essentially the most complicated of all retirement fee plans. Most insurance coverage suppliers supply lifelong advantages as their most tasty promoting level. However, retirees are grossly misled in regards to the excessive taxes and the fee calculations.

There is a lacking earnings profit.

Annuities present a lifetime earnings stream by saving cash now. At the identical time, you’d lose that long-term profit when you handed away instantly. A beneficiary will be designated with some annuities, however there could also be an further cost.

Locking up cash you could want.

If you instantly want these funds, it may be troublesome to entry your annuity funding or money it out. In some instant annuities, after investing your principal, you lose entry to it regardless that funds start instantly. In some instances, you might be able to withdraw your principal or choose time intervals throughout which you are able to do so. But your month-to-month fee could also be smaller. Also, you’ll normally have a 10% penalty when you withdraw from a deferred annuity earlier than you flip 59 ½.

Annuities will be dear.

Depending on the kind of annuity, homeowners might must pay excessive charges. Variable annuities, as an illustration, can cost charges between 2% and three%, reducing the worth of your account and your funding return. You might also run into mortality and expense threat prices, administrative charges, and prices for add-ons like stepped-up dying advantages.

Conservative payouts.

Even although annuities supply safety and predictability, their returns aren’t as excessive as different funding choices.

Insolvent insurance coverage corporations.

It is necessary to make sure the corporate you buy an annuity from is round for the lengthy haul since annuities are long-term investments. An investor ought to analysis annuity suppliers’ credibility, historical past, and credit score standing.

Annuities: When They’re a Good Investment

Let’s be crystal clear. Annuities are insurance coverage merchandise. This means you purchase it to mitigate a few of the funding dangers.

At the identical time, not all annuities are alike. With some annuities, comparable to variable annuities, you’ll be able to select from shares and bonds as funding choices. In different instances, they’re true insurance coverage quite than investments.

There’s one factor an annuity does extraordinarily properly. It can shield you from longevity threat. For these unfamialir, that is the danger of dwelling a lot longer than you anticipated.

Basically, annuities are preferrred if you’re healthy and look forward to living a long and meaningful life. If that is the case, annuities make sure you gained’t outlive your cash. So, an annuity will be a sensible funding if you’re shopping for it for that reason.

The proper annuity is perhaps best for you if what you need out of retirement. Aside from that, you must learn the way the annuity will allow you to obtain these objectives, in addition to what charges and restrictions the product has.

Having an understanding of how annuity earnings is taxed, what funding choices can be found, and the way annuities work with different investments can also be necessary to know.

A very good rule of thumb for figuring out whether or not you might be a good candidate for an annuity is:

  • Your retirement financial savings objective is to develop steadily at a low stage of threat.
  • As a retiree, you need to earn curiosity in your nest egg in a protected method.
  • In addition to your different earnings sources, you want to complement your retirement earnings.
  • Long-term investing is necessary.

Finally, a white paper printed by the National Bureau of Economic Research states that “commonplace financial fashions of life-cycle spending patterns suggest that the portfolio of a risk-averse particular person ought to embody a substantial portfolio share in life annuities as a hedge in opposition to uncertainty about size of life.”

When considered together with the notion that annuities are investments quite than insurance coverage, this assertion helps the notion that annuities will be a worthwhile addition to a balanced and diversified investment portfolio.

Annuities: When They’re a Bad Investment

Do not buy an annuity with out checking your whole monetary image first. There are some individuals who promote them with good intentions, however they could not have a full understanding of what they’re promoting. For occasion, their understanding of tax points is perhaps restricted. In addition, they can’t see how the product suits into your retirement plan in the event that they haven’t performed any planning for you.

It can also be necessary to concentrate on the charges related to annuities. After all, your returns will probably be decrease when you pay excessive charges. And, in most markets, you’ll not earn a lot of cash from some annuities because of excessive charges.

If you wouldn’t have a plan in place, by no means buy an annuity. So, till you’ve got performed your analysis on annuities, you shouldn’t really feel pressured or obligated to purchase one.

You would possibly hear from a gross sales agent that an annuity’s sale will probably be short-lived. There are instances when insurers cease promoting particular merchandise, which might clarify this. Even so, you shouldn’t rush into making a resolution. And, all the time keep in mind that a related product will seemingly be accessible elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of controversy surrounding annuities. But, ultimately, whether or not an funding is sound for a explicit particular person relies on varied components. At a minimal, your age, present retirement financial savings, and retirement objectives.

In addition to their charges, annuities have some disadvantages in comparison with different retirement accounts. Even so, you could determine that an annuity is a good funding choice. Primarily, it might make sense in order for you a lump sum distributed over a longer time frame. Or, if in case you have already maxed out different retirement accounts like your 401(Ok) or IRA.

If not, you is perhaps higher off investing elsewhere in your retirement.


1. How can annuities be invested?

Unlike variable annuities, fixed-rate annuities supply a predetermined return decided by the insurance coverage firm. With a variable annuity, although, you establish make investments your cash inside the subaccounts.

2. Do annuities have excessive charges?

Despite the misperception, there are some annuities with low charges. There are some annuities bought by funding corporations with out gross sales commissions or give up prices, referred to as direct-sold annuities. Also, annuities will be bought from a number of brokerage companies at a low worth. For extra info, you must contact a monetary advisor.

3. What are the drawbacks to annuities?

The majority of individuals can profit from annuities. But in addition they have some drawbacks to concentrate on.

The main issues are long-term contracts, shedding management over your funding, and low or no curiosity earned. Other potential disadvantages are the charges and complexity. In addition, annuities have fewer liquidity choices, and it’s a must to wait till age 59 ½ earlier than withdrawing cash from them.

4. What occurs to my annuity after I die?

Your annuity account will be assigned a beneficiary, however doing so might come at a price. In different annuities, the payout solely lasts till you die, and funds cease after you do. Prior to investing, discover out what payout choices can be found for beneficiaries.

5. Who shouldn’t purchase annuities?

Generally, people in search of short-term investments to speculate round incessantly and people with little or no liquid belongings shouldn’t buy annuities.

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