Darkest Dungeon 2 gets major update to metagame and progression

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Early entry roguelike Darkest Dungeon 2 is getting a major update which reworks the sport’s progression system – and additionally resets some participant stats, developer Red Hook Games has warned.

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The Altar of Hope update provides a brand new kind of reward – Candles of Hope – which you’ll be able to earn and then spend on varied attributes which ought to make future missions safer to your social gathering.

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As you’d count on, the larger the hazard, the larger reward by way of Candles bagged on the finish. Missions will provide extra Candles the additional you handle to progress, however undergo a wipe and you’ll see your Candle hoard penalised.

Darkest Dungeon 2 early entry trailer.

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The threat/reward right here is whether or not you select to finish your expedition in progress gracefully at an inn, retaining your Candle stash intact, or press on for additional glory/dying. Reaching the sport’s present finish level – The Mountain – may even make sure you take house all of your candles up to that time – even in case you fall on the closing boss.

The Altar of Hope update is reside now on the sport’s experimental department, earlier than it arrives for everybody in a few weeks. Players ought to word that its arrival will reset your present Hope rating, together with merchandise unlocks and hero availability, in addition to any in-progress expeditions.

Your hero backstory progress, talent unlocks and Confession boss unlocks will stay. You’ll additionally get 20 Candles as a freebie to your hassle.

The Altar of Hope additionally provides a brand new ally, the Bounty Hunter, and tweaks loads of different settings and bugs – the total patch notes are right here.

Darkest Dungeon 2 launched a 12 months in the past through early entry and is about for a full launch in February 2023.

Our Bertie gave it go quickly after launch and discovered it extra of a roguelike than the unique, and that this transformation had been transformative.

“If you possibly can settle into the sport’s remorseless, that’s the place you’ll discover the magic,” Bertie wrote final 12 months. “This isn’t a sport about being heroic, it’s a sport about surviving and scraping by means of. It’s a sport about studying to worth any benefit, and to not get sloppy or overconfident in your strategy. And if you start to respect that, you start to see past the larger and higher – the extra glamorous paintings, the fancier animations, the cinematic aptitude – right into a sport that appears to have trimmed an already robust idea into one thing leaner and probably even meaner than earlier than.”


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