A NASA Spaceship Just Crashed Into An Asteroid

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No, this isn’t the plot line of a Hollywood blockbuster starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

NASA simply intentionally slammed a spacecraft, going 13,421 miles per hour, into an asteroid 6.8 million miles up within the sky (that is 28 instances the gap of the moon to the Earth).

You can watch all of it right here.

This is all a part of NASA’s $300 million Double Asteroid Redirection System Test (DART). Asteroid collision is a really actual risk to humanity, and NASA needs to experiment with methods to re-direct any asteroid that is perhaps hurtling in the direction of Earth sooner or later.

Astronomers selected an asteroid named Dimorphos as their goal. Dimorphos, which is in regards to the measurement of the Washington monument, isn’t any direct risk to Earth. But it is about the identical measurement as asteroids that would endanger the planet. DART’s mission is to deflect the asteroid off its course in order that if it had been really heading in the direction of Earth, it could miss its goal.

How Did the DART Mission Go?

The DART spacecraft made impression with Dimporphos right this moment at 7:15 pm ET.

Unlike motion pictures reminiscent of Armageddon, during which NASA nuked an asteroid to smithereens, the DART mission featured no mind-boggling explosions however moderately the picture of a tiny gray speck within the sky coming into focus because the spacecraft moved nearer to Dimorphos.

The last picture from the spacecraft’s cockpit confirmed Dimorphos lined with boulders, after which the dwell feed disappeared because the spacecraft divebombed into the asteroid.

NASA will evaluate photographs and information over the subsequent few days to see if the experiment labored in shifting Dimorphos. But for now, they’re celebrating the mission, which has been within the works since 2015, as a smashing success.

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