‘1899’ on Netflix: 10 WTF Questions We Need Answered in Season 2

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I watched all eight episodes of the Netflix sci-fi mystery drama 1899, throughout to its advanced and irritating ending. And I’ve questions. More questions, even, than the principle ship in the present, the Kerberos, has bizarre triangle symbols. 

Warning: Spoilers for 1899 forward.

The present begins as a seemingly simple interval piece a couple of spooky steamship heading from London to New York in 1899. Every one of many passengers, we quickly study, is mendacity about their previous, operating from a secret or passing themselves off as somebody they are not. Usually the entire above. That may need been sufficient of a narrative for some showrunners, however 1899 hangs a pointy proper flip into Lost and Westworld territory, and shortly viewers are attempting to untangle time journey. And dimensional pathways. And simulations. And transferred consciousness. This present may as effectively be Star Trek.

Friends ask me if they need to buckle in and watch 1899. My reply is form of wishy-washy. Maybe? It’s good, however not as satisfying as I wished it to be. A number of that has to do with the numerous unanswered questions the present flings at viewers, then simply form of … leaves on the market. 

Creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar told Deadline they’d like 1899 to be a multi-season present, if rankings are ok. So possibly a few of these questions will likely be answered in a 1899 season 2, however till then, they’re going to play in my thoughts just like the numbers from Lost, or the maze from Westworld, or the image from Game of Thrones, or … you get the image.

Is Elliot alive in the actual world?

Elliot, the mysterious boy discovered on the equally mysterious Prometheus, turned out to be the son of Daniel and Maura. He’d died of an sickness and his sensible mom desperately creates the simulation the place she will be able to preserve him alive. It actually appears that he’d be lifeless in a second season, however something can occur in this world, so possibly there will likely be resurrection? Or Maura can return in time and discover a treatment for no matter sickness Elliot had?


Fflyn Edwards performs the mysterious boy Elliot in 1899.


What is Ciaran’s deal?

Ciaran is Maura’s brother. At first we’re led to consider he went lacking on the Prometheus and that Maura is looking for him. But ultimately, it seems it is Ciaran who’s operating the simulation, preserving his sister and father captive. He leaves Maura a observe for when she lastly wakes up, however a second season must introduce this mysterious sibling so we are able to discover out why he is achieved … effectively, any of the issues he is achieved. 

What is Project Prometheus?

Maura lastly wakes up in a brand new location, a spaceship that is crusing by way of house in 2099 as “Project Prometheus,” with 1,423 passengers and 550 crew. We know barely something concerning the so-called “undertaking. But it is listed as a “survival mission,” so maybe Earth has been destroyed or is about to be and these folks, just like the migrants aboard the Keberos, are in search of a brand new homeland.

Is this spaceship a brand new simulation?

So we finish with Maura on the spaceship, and, as a result of she used the brand new keys (her wedding ceremony ring and the colourful pyramid toy as an alternative of the black one) we’re assuming she’s in actuality now. But who is aware of? This might be one other simulation, with the actual actuality nonetheless on the market.

Is the black virus Virginia had curable?

Virginia Wilson touches a black metallic substance that is rising and spreading all through the Kerberos. It jumps to her physique, turns her hand black, and seems to unfold up her arm to her neck and the facet of her face. She’s capable of stroll round with it however it would not appear to be she will be able to bend that hand. (Game of Thrones followers will see a resemblance to greyscale, that collection’ lethal situation that makes flesh stone-like.) Henry, Maura’s father, and her husband, Daniel, consult with it because the “virus,” making it appear as if a pc virus is crawling by way of the simulation’s code. Did Daniel trigger it together with his determined makes an attempt to make things better? Wherever it got here from, it is acquired creepy bodily results, and it will be attention-grabbing to see if a model of it makes it to season 2.


Anton Lesser portrays Maura and Ciaran’s father, Henry, who performs a complicated function in the present.


Why was the simulation set in 1899?

It makes for a cool interval piece, with geishas and gents and cosplay. But if we assume Project Prometheus is the precise actuality, and 2099 the precise date, why would the entire simulation happen on a ship again 200 years earlier than that? As talked about above, it does create a pleasant parallel with the immigrants fleeing their homeland for a brand new world, simply as we presume the passengers on the spaceship are desperately on the lookout for a protected place to land. 

We may even have a solution for this one. Showrunner Jantje Friese says the present creators favored 1899 as a result of it is on a threshold of a brand new century, stepping from old style days to a brand new future. “There was one thing fascinating about precisely that second in time,” Friese told Netflix blog Tudum. “What occurred in that interval is that modernism clashed with previous beliefs. More scientific-oriented pondering began [influencing society] whilst you nonetheless had very spiritual beliefs [also prevalent], and people two issues pulled on one another, previous and new.”

Did the Kerberos passengers lose their reminiscences?

So the Kerberos passengers can die after which their reminiscences are reset to allow them to begin over in a brand new model of the simulation. But as the primary season ended, passengers weren’t lifeless. Some (all?) of them are on Project Prometheus. Will they in some way keep in mind their steamship lives? Will we meet all of them once more as folks of 2099 if the present will get a second season?

What’s with 1011, inverted triangles, pyramid toys?

There had been quite a lot of unexplained symbols in the present. Maura’s ship cabin and the creepy injection room had been each numbered 1011, and that quantity reappeared usually, as did the inverted triangle image and a pyramid toy.  Show creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar addressed these in the Netflix Tudum blog, too. Turns out they beloved the thriller of a pyramid or a tetrahedron, and say that form has a job in simulations and digital realities. 

“The reoccurring triangle image itself represents the ingredient earth,” Friese stated, in what looks as if an apparent nod to the ending and the passengers fleeing Earth. The room quantity 1011 was meant to trace at binary code, which could give a clue the ship was a pc simulation. But it will be attention-grabbing to see if these identical numbers and symbols reappear in the spaceship, or if new ones sprout.

What are the shiny inexperienced bugs?

Mechanical inexperienced bugs are used in the present to crawl beneath and unlock doorways, generally create doorways, and in one case, lead Maura and Elliot to the ship’s captain, Eyk. We know that in life, Elliot had a inexperienced beetle he referred to as Alfred and his mom, Maura, advised him to not preserve it trapped. Seems like Maura created the bug, maybe so Elliot would have his pet at all times, however some extra particulars concerning the bugs can be welcome. There’s actually symbolism there, because the very bug Elliot wished to maintain captive is opening doorways and liberating folks.

Did we actually want that sexual assault storyline?

Danish character Tove could be very pregnant, and we study that that is the results of a rape that happened in entrance of her mother and father and brother. It’s possibly probably the most horrific scene in the present, and there appears to be no purpose for this occurring to her besides that each one the passengers have horrible pasts filled with secrets and techniques. As the present ends, she hasn’t given delivery. Will she even be pregnant if she’s a part of the brand new present? Will the newborn ever be born? What concerning the different passengers’ pasts — will all of them be reset? Some of them might be a complete present on their very own, together with Ling Yi disguising herself as a geisha after by accident killing her pal, and the mysterious duo of Ángel and Ramiro.

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